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Yoga & Tai Chi

                                  WELLNESS & Fitness WORKSHOPS& MASTERCLASSES FOR hosltic HEALTH

                                       Yogic activities beyond asanas

We believe and we are holistic health  practitioners with variety of fitness formats from Yoga to dancing, you bet you name it …

Browse our current workshops and events and select the best that can suit your lifestyle because we offer the holistic tools and techniques to improve your whole lifestyle and become healthier and happier, not just fad diets and quick fix exercises. Join us and we also recommend that you do booking for loved ones and share a slice of healthy urban life - no doubt it is needed.

Who We Are

Coaching, motivating and education our fellow seekers how to live a holistic healthy lifestyle; it's what we're all about.

Better Training = Better outcome

Note you can also join our three day intensive seminars on health & fitness with back to back workshops, talks from, yoga poses demonstrations, workshops and more.

Wellness Activities

  • Forest Bathing  
  • Fitness Leadership Program
  • Martial Arts
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Dance
  • Pilates
  • Walk,
  • Yoga Retreat,
  • Zumba Retreat
  • Teens & Health Training
  • Ect.
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