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Move, Motivate & MAKE them see; When YOU Tell your STORY!”


Public Speaking, Storytelling & Voice Workshop

Come And Join Our Ever Expending Team Of Storytellers, Speakers, Communication, Dubbing, Voice Artists, Orators, Professionals, Performers, And Whoever Interested In Personal Development And Public Speaking.

Com’on SPEAK YOUR precision points WITH PASSION!


Corporate Coaching

Corporate public speaking coaching, at your location or attend our  hands-on WorkshopsSeminarsWebinars & Training Courses  Available by Skype Worldwide. For in-person sessions by appointment only, in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Lucknow for individuals or teams. 


Why Is Passion Important In Public Speaking?


We all have something substantial to tell   and it’s your time to stand out by unleashing the power of courage to speak. In this dialogic   and highly interactive workshop mounted towards storytelling and making an impression with embodied presence, you will be tutored write and tell stories that can form  connection almost instantly  with style, supportive body language, intonation and accent. We will  be coached also  how to deal with anxiety  and  skills for overcoming  stage fright. But the most important ingredient comes from you “PASSION”.


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