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Come to the source! The Mother Nature -


At DElotus | Flowering of Innate Human Potential TM   Holistic Healthy Living  Expedition & Retreats In association With Delotus  Advaya Holistic  Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd   we facilitate day-long  Retreats cum workshops  and  week-long expeditions in unforgettable locations. We also offer Learning Expedition where you can learn lots of tools, techniques and skill through Experiential learning Expedition & Retreats.

 Transformative Gatherings & Retreats

DElotus | Flowering of Innate Human Potential TM    specially designed Adventure Expedition programs give participants  a greater feeling of sharing, self- leaning , and self-respect. participants build lasting, meaningful, and deeper  connections with each.


Come and join our Evolved and advanced expeditions; experience   the soul Adventures

Culturally Immersive Yoga & Tai- Chi  Expedition

With these cultural immersion Yoga Expedition which will lead you to the uncharted territory “Yoga beyond Asanas” , you will not just stretch  your body, but expend your mind and its modifications.   In fact, you will emerge as a much more well-rounded person by the time you return home.

“We make unforgettable journeys, you capture incredible images”


It is an invitation to dive deep into your being with the local music, cuisine and creative culture.  You can chose from an extensive schedule of daily yoga programming including detox yoga,  forest bathing, tai chi, walking meditation, yoga nidra  and more. 



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