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    Exploring the spirituality through Butoh

    Exploring the Physicality of Butoh

    Is our Dance too limiting?

    Most often, acharya neeraj  intrigues and  argues, we confine Dance to the dance floor , or to restrictive ceremonies,  may be just some times its truly meditative. But what would happen if we could grow our Dance, i.e. if we could shift our way of being in the world in its entirety?

    If we grow our Dance, we learn that to practice Dance is to live with awareness,  acharya neeraj explanations. One example of living with awareness is to be immediately aware of the feelings that are arising in our body instead of just moving through  some conditionings .

    We tend to not think of the body as something ‘spiritual,’ says acharya neeraj. But being with the feelings in our flesh, in our being, brings us radically into the moment. When we are honestly connected in every situation within, we become connected with the nature and the spirituality of ourselves and the spirituality of the plants and animals. We act in ways that leave a residue in the world that we like. It’s our presence from our deepest selves that is our dance read Butoh in action. More and more, as we practice through the body not mind, that becomes increasingly  liberating, acharya neeraj clarification.



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